2019 Bedford Public Library, Bedford, MA, Drive-by Paintings
2019-2020 Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA, Found Paintings
2017 Linden Street Gallery, Boylston, MA, incidental mo(nu)ments, (solo exhibit)
2017 Concord Art Center, Concord, MA, Everyday and In Between, (2 person exhibit)
2015 Three Stones Gallery, West Concord, MA
2015 Linden Street Gallery at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary, Boylston, MA, Elements (solo exhibit)
2015 The Painting Center, New York City, NY, Variations in Paint
2015 Three Stones Gallery, West Concord, MA
2012 Albright Gallery, Concord, MA, Mans and Other, (solo exhibit)
2011-2012 AAF Art Fair, New York, London, Los Angeles
2012 Albright Gallery, Concord, MA, Mans and Other (solo)
2011 Galatea Gallery, Boston, MA, Recent work
2010 Albright Gallery, Concord, MA, Down the road, across the street (solo)
2009 Galatea Gallery, Boston, MA
2009 Artspace Gallery, Edge, Maynard, MA
2006 Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA. 8th Biennial New England/New Talent Exhibition
2006 Brodigan Gallery, Groton School, Groton, MA. Punch Hammer Hide (solo)
2006 Artspace Maynard Invitational, Maynard, MA.
2005 Concord Art Association, Concord, MA., Roddy Competition
2004 Montserrat Gallery, Montserrat College, Beverly, MA. Ocean View
2004 Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA. Land, Sea, Sky
1999 Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA. Ninth Triennial.
1998-99 New Bedford Art Museum, New Bedford, MA. Inviting the Unknown.
1997-1998 The Dean's Gallery, MIT, Cambridge, MA. Found Paintings. (solo exhibit)
1996 Sundance Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY.
1994 Emmanuel College, Boston, MA. Land: Recent Paintings by George Herman. (solo exhibit)
1993 Randall Beck Gallery, Boston, MA.
1993 Wheelock College, Boston, MA. The Heads. (solo exhibit)
1993 Federal Reserve Building, Boston, MA. Public Places, Private Spaces.
1992 Simmons College, The Trustman Gallery, Boston, MA. Drawings.
1990 Newton Arts Center, Newton, MA. The Evolving Image.
1989 Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge, MA. Masque and Memory.
1988 Artists Foundation Gallery, Boston, MA. Prints and Drawings.
1987 Viridian Gallery, New York City, NY.
1986 Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MA.
1985 Chapel Gallery, Newton, MA. (solo exhibit)
1985 Wheelock College, Boston, MA. (solo exhibit)
1985 New England School of Photography, Boston, MA. (solo exhibit)
1984 Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA.
1982 Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.


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